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Practice Areas

Elder Law focuses on protecting an individual’s independence, dignity and control when in need of assistance due to a disability or long term care. The goal is to preserve a person’s hard-earned assets for his or her family and loved ones in addition to protecting those assets from avoidable taxes. This planning also includes the contemplation of anticipated and unanticipated health care needs. We take great pride in making sure our clients are thoroughly protected. Our practice takes a multi-generational approach in assisting to develop a comprehensive plan to optimize financial security for our clients and their families. Our experience can enlighten families about the many financial, legal and emotional issues involved with growing old. This often includes advice on medical and financial decisions, applying for Medicaid benefits, coordinating nursing home, home care or medical model day care placement when needed, and of course making sure all federal and state laws are followed. The peace of mind that results from thorough and well-considered planning is immeasurable.

Estate Planning deals with issues involved in leaving an estate. We strive to simplify the ministerial, or business aspect, of coping with a family member’s death. During such an emotionally charged time, the processing of paperwork can be overwhelming enough, without having to then decide how assets and property will be distributed. Much stress and family strife can be avoided by the careful consideration and execution of legal documents such as a Last Will and Testament, Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts as well as the Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, HIPPA Release and Living Will. Our analysis includes not only a detailed evaluation of the estate, but also a thorough and farsighted understanding of the beneficiaries, for example minors, the disabled and those with potential creditor issues. Our extensive experience allows us to develop a personalized estate plan for each client, one that minimizes estate taxes as well as associated expenses such as probate and unnecessary legal fees.

Estate Administration begins upon the death of an individual. It refers to the manner and procedures necessary to resolve personal and financial affairs, and may include preparation of final income tax returns, probating a Last Will and Testament, preparing and filing estate tax returns and gift tax returns, representation before the state and federal tax administration, preparation of accountings, paying all final debts of a decedent and proper distribution of assets. An estate administration can be simple or complex, the determination of which depends on many factors, not simply the size of an estate. Our firm has the experience to handle all types of estate administration.

Special Needs Children is a specialized area that covers the aspects of protecting the rights of our children and young disabled. Our law firm has the legal experience and unique knowledge and sensitivity to the issues that face the disabled, the young disabled and the suddenly disabled and their families, and we can handle these matters efficiently and properly. We can offer educated guidance and a range of alternatives to address the uncertain and sometimes terrifying prospects that parents fear for their children. We assist parents in making those important decisions to ensure that their children have access to education, that guardianships or powers of attorney are set up, that they have access to available resources and government benefits and that, when the parents are no longer able to care for the child, such decisions are made by people who have that child’s best interest in mind.

Medicaid Application eligibility rules are constantly changing and increasingly becoming more complex. Based on your unique family situation, we provide planning recommendations designed to preserve your estate for your family to the maximum extent possible and to sucessfully apply for Medicaid benefits.

Secondary Areas

Real Estate holdings, both residential and commercial, often encompass a large portion of estates. We handle the sale or purchase of these properties as part of estate planning or as separate transactions.

Business Succession Our office handles the formation, dissolution, purchase or sale of businesses as part of estate planning or as separate proceedings.